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Speak of the Devil, dir. Matt Celia

Soundbite, dir. Michael Coulombe

Russian Doll, dir. Ed Gaffney

Bumpercars, dir. Ashkan Mazarei

LGBT Love Stories, dir. Danielle Earle

Johnny Danger, dir. Juan Morillo

Things Left Unsaid, dir. Anthony King

Lead, “Lindsay”

Lead, “Woman”

Lead, "Georgia/Sophia"

Lead, "Big Boss"

Supporting, "Natalie"

Supporting, "Jeanne"

Supporting, "Melanie LaRoux



Lucifer, Jerry Bruckheimer

This Is Not Happening, Comedy Central

Unusual Suspects, LMNO Productions

Undercover Open House, 495 Productions

Alien Invasion!, Go Go Luckey Productions

Co-Star, FOX

Co-Star, Comedy Central

Guest-Star, Investigation Discovery

Co-Star, HGTV pilot

Co-Star, History Channel pilot



Reasonable Doubt

Observations On . . .

Pride & Prejudice

I Can't Draw A Heart and Other Episodes

A Chorus Line

Little Shop of Horrors



Guys and Dolls

Noises Off

Steel Magnolias


Into the Woods

Much Ado About Nothing

One-Woman Show, Whitefire Theatre

Cast, Chromolume Theatre

Jane, Actors Co-Op

One-Woman Show, The Spot Theater

Sheila, The Freud Playhouse

Audrey, Hooligan Theater Company

Dodger, The Clark Center

Jemima, The Clark Center

Adelaide, San Luis Obispo Little Theater

Belinda/Flavia, Studio of Performing Arts

Truvy, Studio of Performing Arts

Marty, Studio of Performing Arts

Witch, Studio of Performing Arts

Ursula, The Little Theater at UCLA

New Media


Relationship Red Flags

Signs You're Too Nice for Online Dating

If We Acted at Work Like We Act in Our Cars

Hipsters Love Music Festivals

We're Not Weird

A Canadian Bulglary

Facebook in Real Life

Unsung Heroes: Nice Guys

Gollum v. Smeagol Rap Battle

The Vault




Nacho Punch

Extremely Decent Films

Extremely Decent Films

Extremely Decent Films

Extremely Decent Films

Extremely Decent Films

Vault Media



Acting: Joe Olivieri, April Shawhan, Judith Moreland, Erik Stein

Voice & Speech: Paul Wagar, Adele Cabot

Singing: Jeremy Mann, Dan Belzer, Linda Kerns, Mary Jo Duprey

Dance: Ballet - F. Nicholas Gunn, Benedicte Schoyen, Jazz - Jane Lanier, Peggy Hickey, Tap - Lynn Dally, Steve Zee

Audition Technique: Erica Silverman C.S.A, Michael Donovan C.S.A.